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Understanding Misunderstanding

Alucidate has a distinctive approach to help clients find opportunities and avoid risks. We do not develop abstract black box models, or look for speculative “unknown unknowns”.  We look at how people think, what they pay attention to and how they come to decisions.

You need to compare how you see things to other informed actors with different perspectives, especially the key economic decision-makers.  They will see things you do not, and vice versa. We talk in depth to a range of key actors and understand why they think as they do. Systematically exploring those differences will help you find the blindspots in your own and others’ thinking.

Everyone has access to almost exactly the same information, models or techniques these days. But differences in perception are still pervasive. They can be a source of advantage, or if ignored,  an avenue to failure.

Here is why Alucidate can give you an advantage: