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Peter Hamilton is the Founder & President of Alucidate LLC, based in New York City.

He advised the world’s leading hedge funds and banks on Federal Reserve policy and major decisions in the US Congress and Federal Agencies, the Bank of Canada, the ECB,  G7 and G20 as a Managing Director at Medley Global Advisors, New York from 1999 to 2012. He talked to the key economic officials about the thinking and perspectives that underlay economic policy and market views.

Before moving to New York in 1999, he worked at the Bank of England in London for seven years. He was Personal Asssistant to the Bank’s Executive Director of Financial Market Operations (who oversaw UK foreign exchange and gilt market operations and voted on British interest rates.) Peter was on the staff of the Policy Planning Group, and worked in the Capital Markets Group and Emerging Markets sections of the International Divisions. He worked on UK IMF policy during the Asia and Russian crises and also participated in G7, G10 and BIS discussions about the international economy and reform of the international economic system.

Peter has a Masters Degree in International Relations from Cambridge University and a first-class degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) from Oxford University.


The Alucidate Story

In over two decades of talking to clients and decision-makers about global macro events, Peter was continually struck by how often talented traders and  brilliant policymakers failed to understand each other. They thought about problems in different ways. The same words meant very different things to both sides. Their timescale, objectives, experience and assumptions clashed. So just talking to the most senior economic decision-makers or finding more information was not enough by itself. It was essential to understand how the key actors perceived things differently, because that was the key to anticipating the most important decisions and reactions.  If you bridged between different worlds you could see each more clearly.

Because of that, Peter focused deeper attention on how people thought and potential blindspots in major decisions. The financial crisis and its aftermath only underlined  the need to find better ways to detect and understand misperceptions about economic policy. It was also clear that the most successful clients and policymakers were endlessly curious about how other people saw events, and how others might react in different situations. This need for perception rather than information motivated him to found Alucidate.


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